Wrong use, misuse and irresponsible production are threatening the miracle drug Antibiotics.

Sign the pledge to preserve antibiotics for mankind!

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13999 of 5000

13999 of 5000 signatures

Together we can make change happen!

By you signing this petition we pledge to do everything we can to fight antibiotic resistance (AMR)!

We will use these pledges to convince key stakeholders and policy makers that we, the people, want a change in the way we take, use and make antibiotics, to save this miracle drug today and for generations to come.

We need to take action today to protect our future.

Take Antibiotics Responsibly:

Human Health

Use Antibiotics Responsibly:

Animal Health

Make Antibiotics Responsibly:


Some Comments from Pledgers all over the world

Wrong and over use of antibiotics has to be avoided at all costs. Further, all the manufacturing companies should innovate and use green & cleaner technologies so that the mankind and our mother earth do not suffer.

- India

Together we can make change happen!

- Netherlands

Support for this cause and I will externalize my family and acquaintances. We will take action today to protect our future.

- Mexico

Self medication is dangerous and with ANTIBIOTICS it is far dangerous, dangerous to you and for generations to come.

- India

I agree. I am a doctor and I know that it is very important

- Russia

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